Items needed for admission

Bring in the following items before or on the day of your admission:

1. Social Security Card.
2. Medicare Card.
3. Medicare Part D (drug plan) card.
4. Copy of Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney or Power of Attorney, if you have any of these Advance Directives in place. (We can make copies for you)
5. Long Term Insurance Policy and information. (We will make a copy for our files).

Recommended admission items, for example, clothing, etc. is available through this link.
Hill Top Home of Comfort is excited to be considered as a living option for you or your loved one. To assist you in planning for the future of your/your loved one's stay here, requirements for admission are outlined below.
1. Nursing home application. We prefer that this be completed before you move into Hill Top Home.
2. Nursing home history and a physical. It is a must that you have a local physician who can come to Hill Top Home to see you while you live here. To assist you in finding a doctor, refer to the list of doctors who make visits to Hill Top below. After you have decided upon a doctor, you need to make an appointment with him/her within five days of your admission to Hill Top. At this time, he/she will complete a written history and physical.
It is very important that your doctor completes the history and physical five days before you come in. Without the history and physical admission to Hill Top Home of Comfort is not possible.

Admissions are  Monday through Friday.
If you have further questions, please contact
Breilyn Riggins at (701) 764-5682.